Disruptors, Innovators, Entrepreneurs: Challenging your business model

22 March 2019

Netflix, Uber, Amazon, Spotify, Airbnb, Tesla. We know them as Disruptors and they’ve had an enormous impact on business and on our lives – just think of video streaming, ride sharing, online shopping, crypto-currency and blockchain technology.

So, what drives these brands to relentlessly disrupt and innovate? We invited guest speakers from a range of industry sectors to provide insightful perspectives on the challenges, burden and importance of driving innovation and disruption to:

  • deliver consistently on their brand promise
  • grow their status as a market leader among their competitors
  • remain relevant and meaningful to their customers
  • shape consumer behavioural change to deliver a better world


Simon Elisha, Head of Solution Architecture, A/NZ Public Sector, Amazon Web Services

As Head of Solution Architecture at Amazon Web Services, Simon Elisha is sought after by C-Level Executives who want deep insights into how Cloud Computing, Agile software development and technology innovation are changing the way organisations improve customer experience, reduce costs and adapt quickly.

Simon was a leader in cloud well before it was “cool”. As the first technical staff member for Amazon Web Services in Australia, he led the charge to Public Cloud before most people even knew what AWS was. Bringing over 28 years of industry experience in software and infrastructure to the “brave new world”– he was able to guide start-ups, digital businesses, Government and Enterprises alike on their journey to the cloud.

A noted industry speaker and communicator – if it happens in the cloud, Simon probably knows about it.

Simon has held senior roles at organisations including Pivotal Software, Cisco, Hitachi Data Systems, VERITAS Software, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and EDS. In addition, Simon earned an Honours Degree in Information Technology from Monash University.

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Roy Hui, CEO Market Engine

Roy Hui is an engineer and entrepreneur.

Roy has built numerous ecommerce businesses in Australia and around the globe since 2006. Following his passion to connect global brands to Chinese consumers, he founded Market Engine, providing end to end ecommerce solutions to reach Chinese consumers. Market Engine currently works with more than 50 brands across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark and the UK. Roy spends most of this time with various businesses exploring the best growth strategy for China. Roy currently operates from Melbourne Australia and Hangzhou China.

Roy also founded MMGN.com following his passion in gaming. It is the biggest Australian video games community, where millions of gamers talk about games, learn about games and make new friends. Roy has raised capital for MMGN with a number of leaders in Australian digital space, including those behind 99Designs, Pollenizer and Hitwise.

Roy is an advisory board member for Starfish Ventures in social and gaming. Roy started Silicon Beach Melbourne, one of the largest digital entrepreneur gatherings in Australia. He is also a mentor at AngelCube and PushStart. Roy has a Computer Science degree from the University of Melbourne.

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Dale Eastman, Marketing Specialist, Tesla

Dale believes we can make the world a better place with the power of quality marketing. It doesn't have to be all bright colours, big words, and facebook likes, but real things that connect with real people. “I see a world where marketing isn't that annoying thing brands do to get sales, but is the value added to a product experience that connects with customers, it is not the power to persuade but the power to connect. Good marketing goes beyond selecting a gender and age; it’s creating a state of mind, being connected and creative. Be original. Be empowered. Thrive on human connection. Loyalty is no longer to a label, but to an individual lifestyle. People follow their hearts to define their lives and speak loudly when they want to customize experiences.”