Marketing trust: technology, transparency and the modern consumer

18 October 2019

Consumer trust is one of the most valuable assets for business growth. However, global indexes monitoring public trust show that belief in businesses worldwide has dropped dramatically.

In Australia, the public has been rocked by revelations of wrongdoing from the Haynes Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry.

Consumers face advertising and content overload, worry about data breaches and must navigate ‘fake news’ on social media, amid the rise of ‘influencers’. It can be difficult to know what information they can trust.

To further compound the issue, there has been a significant shift in consumer priorities - we are more likely to buy from a business that we trust and aligns with our personal values. In fact, consumers believe their shopping habits have a significant impact on the world.

We heard insights from our industry and research experts:

Paul Dobson

Sustainability Partner, Deloitte

Paul will provide key insights around transparency and authenticity.

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Professor Simon Wilkie

Head, Monash Business School

Simon will provide key insights in technology and privacy.

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Stephanie Atto

Senior Research Consultant, ACRS

Stephanie will provide key insights in ethical consumption and consumer responsibility.

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