Renewable Energy - A Marketing Gift or Challenge?

16 October 2020

Debate on how best to incorporate renewables into our energy mix is plagued by a lack of political appetite and competing business interests, while a lack of investment in research and development continues to stymy progress towards a bipartisan national energy framework.

Where does business find good, sound information on the role that renewables play in meeting their energy needs?

The Monash Marketing Business webinar was proud to host three business leaders who offered three distinctive and insightful perspectives on this vexed topic that will have an impact on all businesses.


Tony Wood

The Grattan Institute's Energy Program Director Tony Wood has decades of public policy and industry experience including 14 years at Origin Energy in senior executive roles. He was Program Director of Clean Energy Projects at the US-based Clinton Foundation, advising governments in the Asia-Pacific region on effective deployment of large-scale, low-emission energy technologies. In 2008, he was seconded to provide an industry perspective to the first Garnaut climate change review.

Kane Thornton

CEO of the Clean Energy Council Kane Thornton has more than a decade's experience in energy policy and leadership in the development of the renewable energy industry. Kane has advocated for and helped design the policies that have been critical to the renewable energy industry's growth. Previous industry roles include rioles for Hydro Tasmania and Renewable Energy Generators Australia.

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Steve Gibbs

Steve Gibbs, Chair and Non-Executive Director of Australian Ethical Super, will discuss challenges facing investors in identifying viable renewable energy projects that deliver ROI and deliver certainty. Among his industry roles, Steve was the CEO of ARIA (now known as the CSC), one of the largest superannuation schemes in Australia and CEO of the industry body, Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST).

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This event was chaired and facilitated by Brigette McGuire, Managing Director, McGuire Marketing and Monash Business School Board Member.