The Monash MBA International Women in Leadership Sponsorship

Overview and background

Monash Business School is committed to supporting women in advancing their professional careers. We are delighted to offer the MBA International Women’s Excellence Sponsorship, which is awarded to encourage and support professional women from any part of the world in their pursuit of the Monash MBA.

This sponsorship is awarded by the Monash Business School Leadership and Executive Education team. The sponsorship may be awarded to up to four MBA student per cohort; each sponsorship is valued at up to $10,000.


To be eligible for this sponsorship , you must be:

  • an applicant of the Monash MBA Program in Australia
  • a female international applicant.

Key selection criteria

Successful applicants for the MBA International Women in Leadership sponsorship will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Career trajectory - a reflection on the choices the applicant has made throughout their career thus far
  • Career planning - a projection on the applicant’s aspirations for career growth (e.g. specific roles and responsibilities) including highlights from an action plan to achieve this career growth
  • Contribution - a demonstration of the applicant’s commitment and ability to contribute to leadership in their organisations and their communities.

Application process

The sponsorship application process is integrated into the three stages of application for admission to the Monash MBA program: application, interview, and notification.

When completing the on-line application for admission to the Monash MBA, applicants should upload a series of documents including a statement of purpose. Applicants who wish to be considered for this sponsorship must also upload an additional statement - the sponsorship application statement - to make their case for consideration the MBA International Women in Leadership sponsorship.

This sponsorship application statement must:

  • Be labelled the ‘MBA International Women’s Excellence Sponsorship Application’
  • Address each of the three key criteria for the sponsorship
  • Be no more than 500 words.

Sponsorship applicants who progress to the interview stage for general admission to the Monash MBA program will be invited to speak to their sponsorship application in an extension of their admission interview.