Jorge Fernandez

Jorge Fernandez

Jorge Fernandez

  • Senior Consultant, EY
  • "Being an international student is challenging but the Monash MBA and the Career Advancement Program helped me to adapt successfully to the Australian environment."

I am a scholarship student from Mexico, and my background is in education and hospitality. Not knowing yet that I wanted to move into a corporate role as a management consultant, I chose the Monash Business School for its international reputation. I knew too that changing country and industry would be challenging, but I received a huge amount of support from my cohort and the Monash MBA staff.

One of the things that really helped me define my career trajectory was the Monash MBA focus on industry-based consulting projects. I loved solving clients' problems and knew from this experience that management consulting was right for me. The Career Advancement Program helped me further to chart a course toward the role I wanted.

I recently completed my MBA and am now working as a consultant at EY’s People Advisory Services. This service line helps clients gain a competitive advantage through their people. I am gaining experience in change management, workforce planning, organisational design and the implementation of HR information systems. I really enjoy what I do, and it is the Monash MBA that helped me get here.

Doing an MBA at Monash helped me in so many ways, from the support programs it offers, to a practical application of theory within an industry, to the fantastic people you meet while doing the course. It has provided me with skills in problem solving, leadership and strategy, which helped me to establish myself successfully in a new country and land at EY.

Career Advancement Program

Jorge shares the benefits of The Monash MBA, and the networks he was able to establish through the Career Advancement Program.