Business Transformation in an AI World

The Monash MBA Monash Business School class discussed Business Transformation in an AI World with leading executives in some of the most exciting sectors in Australia - banking, energy, biotech. The critical responsibility for next-generation leaders is to transform their organisations for a new, technology-driven economy.

Rachel Watson CEO Pacific Hydro and Chair Clean Energy Council showed the impact that creative and innovative business models can have on the entire power industry - and how Australia can deploy AI to excel in our transformation to a clean energy future.

Mark Melvin CEO Bank of Melbourne and Sarah Sproule Westpac demonstrated AI agents and how consumer banking is transitioning to an emphasis on financial wellbeing.

Andrea Douglas discussed the evolution and transformation of CSL from a public sector laboratory to a global biotech powerhouse. As a case study on radical organisational transformation in a fascinating sector, CSL is exemplary.

Thank you to Rachel, Mark, Sarah, and Andrea for your terrific contributions.
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