Webinar: The Monash MBA – 6pm

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21 January 2021 at 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm


In this information session, we will provide a comprehensive presentation on the Monash MBA and answer any questions you may have. We will be joined by Monash MBA students and alumni who will share their experiences of the program.

About The Monash MBA Program

The Monash MBA at Monash Business School, is a two-year program involving experience-based modules, consulting projects, and overseas learning and industry engagement opportunities.

Our program is based on an experiential, practice-based model of learning and development to build 21C capabilities. Monash MBA students graduate with a portfolio of completed consulting projects in strategy, technology, new venture start-ups and international business to demonstrate their ability to deliver results in practice.

In our classrooms and in the field, we combine the leading insights of our research-oriented academic staff with the hard-won experience of reflective executives and leaders. Achieving the right balance of intellectual rigour and application competencies is critical. Indeed, this approach epitomises the Monash heritage; this is what generations of Monash University researchers, teachers and students have excelled at.

If real, hands-on experience with next-generation business models, high-tech enterprises, client-oriented consulting projects, corporate executives and start-up entrepreneurs, international study and a truly diverse cohort of peers appeals to you, please connect with us.

A Monash MBA will have a lasting impact on the quality of your decisions, your performance and your career.

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