Chris Koulouris

Graduated 2015

I was fortunate enough to complete the Cranlana Colloquium, run in conjunction with Monash University and the Centre for Ethical Leadership, during my time with the MBA program. By exploring themes of morality and ethics within the workplace, I gained a new appreciation from the thoughts and conversation around holistic approaches to leading to generate social value within a firm.

My fondest memory from studying an MBA at Monash Business School is the time I spent learning and developing knowledge with my fellow cohort. Those long days, and sometimes longer nights, were made all the easier having built strong, meaningful relationships with my cohort.

It is these contacts in my network that have been most valuable since completion, and is why it’s important to remain in touch and engaged. Simply put, to joined the MBA Alumni Committee to stay connected and to drive positive change!

For me, success would be having more members, greater engagement, and achieving high MBA rankings. The MBA at Monash Business School is a high-quality world-class program, and it’s up to our Alumni to be highly engaged and positive about the Monash MBA experience. If the Alumni Committee can drive these outcomes, we’d be in a great position.

As a member of the MBA Alumni Committee, it’s been great getting to know the new academic staff. Meeting graduates from other years has also been one of the best experience so far. I’ve really enjoyed making new connections and hearing about other cohort experiences.