Deborah Daly

Graduated 2008

There were a number of Leadership forums that I was able to access during my time at Monash Business School. A variety of presenters were engaged to offer workshops, seminars and forums to explore leadership and management capability and theory outside of the formal MBA curriculum and experience wide and broad experiences.

I was immediately impressed with the range of experience, industries and roles that my fellow students represented.  It led to plenty of dialogue and discussion and different points of view adding to an already interesting mix of ideas, theories and opportunities for study.

After having the opportunity to live and work both in Sydney and Melbourne with large organisations and recently I returned to live in Melbourne.  Upon my return, I reconnected with Monash as I was genuinely impressed with the focus and intention of the recent MBA Alumni communications to further engage and connect the Alumni community. I felt that I could bring some of my volunteer and working experiences to contribute to the Community Advancement objectives.

I have always been involved in committee and volunteer activities outside of the work environment in some form or another.  I am also committed to the concept of life-long learning, and specifically to education as representing an opportunity for those who seek it.

A collection of empowered individuals working with a collective purpose and under a common goal to drive outcomes for a connected, vibrant and engaged MBA Alumni community; a community that feels that the value of their MBA and the Monash connections extends way beyond the boundaries of their formal studies.

One of my favourite things about working within the MBA Alumni Committee is the genuine enthusiasm, collaboration and collection of skills and experience that are being brought to bear on three very exciting streams of activity on behalf of the MBA Alumni community.