Drew Westblade

Graduated 2020

I have many fond memories from studying the MBA, but probably the fondest memory would be the trip to China and South Korea in the last semester of the course. The cultural experience and content was great, but we all got to enjoy ourselves after almost 2 years of working together, so it was a great way to cap-off a fantastic 2 years.

I joined the MBA Alumni Committee for a few reasons. Firstly, I saw it as a great opportunity to stay engaged with the rich learning environment that I enjoyed so much throughout my time completing the MBA. Secondly, the Monash MBA is still relatively new, it is still evolving, adapting and growing – I wanted to see this unfold and have a chance to be involved through the committee. Finally, I saw joining the committee as a great opportunity to expand my network.

There are so many ways to measure success for the committee. Increasing engagement and reconnecting MBA with alumni, building on the opportunities to network, or giving back to the community are all areas in which we are working to improve. However, being involved in the program advancement sub-committee, I would like to see Monash be successful in the rankings and MBA alumni supporting the program in areas of recruitment or assisting the current cohort of candidates where appropriate.

My short experience with the alumni committee has been great, I enjoy the meetings and the banter. But, lately I think there has been some healthy competition developing between the sub-committees, which is seeing some fantastic progress and is something I am enjoying. I am also enjoying working in our team in the program advancement sub-committee and seeing the positive impact we can have on the program.