Tom Quinan

Graduated 2007

I have been actively involved in the alumni for over 10 years, and have chaired the MBA Alumni committee for the best part of a decade. I have also sat on other Monash boards such as the Management Advisory board and have input into external accreditation reviews. I have organised, run, and attended many events.

My fondest memory from studying an MBA at Monash begins with forming friendships during the induction weekend, and then working with those colleges on numerous projects.

There was no active alumni activity when I was studying. Upon graduating a small group of us began a movement that attracted large attendances with sponsorships from corporate businesses. Monash invited me to Chair the official Monash Alumni committee and I have been involved ever since.

Creating a foundation of support from within Monash, which allows alumni to drive the events and network connections that the alumni value, is a clear measure of success for me. The dinner at the Melbourne Supper club also remains a standout experience!