Awards success for Monash Business School staff

Awards success for Monash Business School staff

Several Monash Business School staff members were recognised for their excellence this month.

News story 8th Dec 2015

Several Monash Business School staff members were recognised for their excellence in research and teaching this month.

At the Vice-Chancellor's Education and Research Awards Program ceremony, Dr Kohyar Kiazad from the Department of Management received an Early Career Researcher (ECR) Award, while the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Programs that Enhance Learning went to a Monash Library-Monash Business School collaboration.

2015 Education and Research Awards

The Vice-Chancellor with the Monash Library-Monash Business School team and their award

Mr Jonathan Teoh from the Department of Business Law and Taxation received the Monash Student Association's Outstanding Teaching Award and Mr John Gerrand from the Department of Accounting received the 2015 Teaching Award at the Monash Extension Graduation Ceremony.

Vice-Chancellor's Early Career Researcher Award

The Vice Chancellor's ECR Award recognises overall research performance by a researcher who is within the first five years of their career. There are two awarded each year, one for Humanities and Social Sciences and one for Science and Technology. Dr Kiazad won in the Humanities and Social Sciences category.

This award follows on from earlier success at the Monash Business School's Dean's Staff Awards, where he also received the ECR Award.

Obviously, this recognition means a lot to me and it motivates me to work harder. I'm extremely grateful to both the Business School and the University for this great recognition. It also reminds me how fortunate I have been to be able to work with excellent people, who have supported me and created opportunities for me.

Dr Kohyar Kiazad

Vice-Chancellor's Award for Programs that Enhance Learning

Monash Business School collaborated with Monash Library staff to deliver 'Mastering Academic and Research Skills (MARS)' for postgraduate Monash Business School students.

Dr Nell Kimberley said Monash Business School has a very diverse cohort of students, many of whom enter postgraduate study from alternate pathways. The aim of MARS is to transition these students into postgraduate study and to develop a continuum of skills development all the way into employment.

What MARS does, is to focus on the student, and being student-centred is really what are all about here at Monash Business School.

Dr Nell Kimberley

"We have been very lucky to work with the library on the development of MARS. We have received very positive feedback on the program and it continues to grow. It is great to see that this contribution to student learning has been recognised by the University with this award," she added.

Ms Josephine Hook, Research and Learning Coordinator at Monash Library, seconds this sentiment. 

"The feedback from lecturers has been really positive. They're reporting that they're seeing some improvements in their students' writing and critical thinking skills, as well as their analytical and reflective skills. We're also getting really good feedback from the students, who are really happy that their results are improving," she said. 

"This is a really successful collaboration. To me, the very interesting part is that we've already had a lot of people come to us to see if the model that we used for the MARS program can be used elsewhere," added Ms Leanne McCann, Learning Skills Manager, Monash Library.

The team behind MARS: Dr Nell Kimberley (Associate Dean Learning and Teaching), Ms Leanne McCann, Ms Josephine Hook, Ms Anne Taib, Mr Damian Gleeson, Mr Erik Beyersdorf, Mr Andrew Dixon and Mr David Horne.

Monash Student Association Outstanding Teaching Award

Jonathan Teoh's award is the latest in a line of recognition of his contribution to student learning. Previously, he received the Dean's Award for Teaching Excellence (2012), and two Citations for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning; one from the Australian Government's Office for Learning and Teaching and one from the Vice Chancellor of Monash University. He was also awarded the Lecturer of the Year Award by the Monash Postgraduate Association in 2014.

Mr Teoh's teaching excellence is largely attributed to the student-centred learning approach he adopts. This has been recognised by his students as has become clear through the feedback students have provided as part of the nomination.

I'm honoured to be recognised by my students in this way and also by the fact that they have taken the time to write and submit the nomination. The unit that I teach is part of the accreditation requirements for students and not necessarily undertaken as an elective unit. To see that they have not only enjoyed the learning process, but that they take away the knowledge and skills I try to instil is most rewarding.

Jonathan Teoh

Monash Extension Teaching Award

Mr John Gerrand from the Department of Accounting received the 2015 Teaching Award at the Monash Extension Graduation Ceremony.

Mr Gerrand is the coordinator of the Accounting Extension Program and is much-loved by students, staff and schools alike.

The Extension program allows high-achieving Year 12 students the opportunity to get a taste of university before graduating high school. They complete a pair of first-year university subjects as part of their final year at high school. This allows them to extend and enhance their learning in their area of interest.

I'm very pleased and honoured to have received this award. It's a great pleasure to get students excited about accounting. Many of them continue on into our program, which is an excellent outcome.

John Gerrand