Outstanding ERA 2015 results for Monash Business School

Outstanding ERA 2015 results for Monash Business School

The Australian Research Council's ERA 2015 results were published today, with excellent outcomes for Monash Business School

News story 4th Dec 2015

The Australian Research Council published the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) 2015 results today, with excellent ratings for all Monash Business School's research areas.

ERA results

We maintained our 2012 ratings of above or well above world standard (ratings 4 and 5, respectively) in the fields of economics, commerce and management, and made outstanding improvements in:

  • Banking, finance and investment: improved from 3 (at world standard) to 4 (above world standard)
  • Marketing: improved from 4 (above world standard) to 5 (well above world standard)

"Once again, these ratings showcase the extraordinary depth and breadth of Monash Business School's world-class research capability. I congratulate all researchers on their contributions to these results," said Professor Gary Magee, Deputy Dean, Research.

Monash Business School is one of only a few institutions nationwide with a 5-rating in the following fields:

  • Econometrics - 1 of 4 nationwide
  • Accounting, auditing and accountability - 1 of 3 nationwide
  • Marketing - 1 of 2 nationwide

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