Monash Business School student won the EY Oceania Corporate Finance Woman of the Year Competition

Monash Business School student Caitlin Brand has won the EY Oceania Corporate Finance Woman of the Year Competition.

EY Oceania Corporate Finance Woman of the Year Competition

Now in its second year, the competition aims to encourage more women to pursue careers in transaction services and corporate finance and is open to female university students.

Competitors are given an hour to analyse a transaction case study and then present findings and advice to a panel of EY Transaction Advisory Services professionals. More than 71 students across Australia and New Zealand entered the competition with 17 universities and 42 students represented in regional competitions. Those winners went on to compete in the Oceania final.

Caitlin is studying a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Economics (Accounting) at Monash University. As the Oceania winner, Caitlin will now receive an internship with EY and will go to London in February to compete against 17 other national winners where she will present to global EY partners, clients, and academics.

The global prize is a five-week internship in three locations of the winner’s choice.

“My study at Monash really contributed to winning this competition on a twofold basis,” she says.

“One was the different subjects and theory we are exposed to. The broad spectrum of classes in the first year of my Economics degree meant I had a wide understanding of accounting and finance trends and could understand concepts in context.

“Secondly, I also had a lot of opportunities to apply my theory in practice. I studied abroad for semesters in Hong Kong and Miami.

“In Miami I did an entrepreneurial consulting unit where we got assigned to a real client to advise. I also completed a BEX industry placement as a unit subject where I was a congressional intern at the United States Senate working alongside the US Senate Banking and Finance Committee. This gave me a good understanding of global financial markets.”

Caitlin says she would encourage more women to enter these types of competitions.

“This initiative is really important in today’s business world,” says Caitlin. “A lot of young women lack confidence and don’t see all the opportunities available to them while at university.”