2016 Sustainable Development Workshop

The CDES recently co-hosted the 2nd Sustainable Development Workshop at the Monash Prato Centre, Italy, which brought together a select group of Monash staff and researchers from Europe, North America and Asia.

Opening the day after the UK’s Brexit vote, and against a backdrop of social and economic challenges in Europe, the Workshop provided a valuable opportunity for discussion on issues of common interest within the area of sustainable development and beyond.

Keynote speaker Andrea E. Goldstein (Managing Director, Nomisma, formerly Head of Global Relations, OECD Investment Division) set the tone, reflecting on the state of the global economy in his keynote address. The Workshop was exceptionally well organised. I was very impressed with the general quality of presentations and feedback.

Joseph Vecci, Research Fellow, University of Gothenburg

Workshop sessions explored issues ranging from the environment and food security, social capital and wellbeing, and economics and politics, to sustainable business practices and organisational challenges. The sessions gave me a good overview of the current challenges in food security around the world.

Diana Contreras Suarez, Research Fellow, Monash University

Invited speakers included Sumiter Broca (FAO), Tilman Brück (International Security and Development Center), Ian Coxhead (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Glenn Denning (Earth Institute, Columbia University), Gamini Herath (Monash University, Malaysia), Pushkar Maitra (Monash University, Australia), Dilip Mookerjee (Boston University), Bharat Ramaswamy (Indian Statistical Institute) and Alessandro Tarozzi (Universitat Pompeu Fabra).

A copy of the Workshop program is available here.