ARC Discovery Projects 2019 Successes

Five ARC Discovery Projects led by Monash Business School researchers have been awarded from 12 applications submitted.

Project Title Gross credit flows, credit reallocation, and the macroeconomy
Project Team Silvio Contessi; Mei Dong; Raoul Minetti
DP190100606 Monash Business School $239,000
Project Title Uncertainty, financial frictions, and the Australian business cycle.
Project Team Giovanni Caggiano; Efrem Castelnuovo; Michele Modugno
DP190102802 Monash Business School $348,500
Project Title Econometric methods for distributional policy effects.
Project Team Tatsushi Oka; Tong Li
DP190101152 Monash Business School $339,000
Project TitleThe regulation of labour disputes in Southeast Asia.
Project Team Carolyn Sutherland; Richard Mitchell; Petra Mahy; Ingrid Landau; John Howe
DP190100821 Monash Business School $456,000
Project Title Economic stress, non-cognitive skill development and life outcomes.
Project Team Sonja Kassenboehmer; John Haisken-DeNew; Nattavudh Powdthavee
DP190102765 Monash Business School $210,000
Project Title Governing the knowledge commons.
Project Team Toby Handfield; Neil Levy; Julian Garcia Gallego; Erte Xiao; Robert Simpson; Kevin Zollman
DP190100041 Monash University Faculty of Arts $220,000
Project Title Understanding the sources of secular stagnation.
Project Team James Morley; Yunjong Eo; Benjamin Wong
DP190100202 The University of Sydney $317,610

Congratulations are also extended to Monash Business School researchers - Erte Xiao (Economics) and Benjamin Wong (Econometrics and Business Statistics) - who have also been named as Chief Investigators on successful ARC Discovery Projects to be administered elsewhere. Further details of the projects can be found on the ARC Website.