Monash community shows triumph over adversity with Celebrating Excellence Awards

7 June 2021

The outstanding achievements of Monash Business School students, staff and alumni have been recognised through the 2021 Celebrating Excellence awards.

Due to Victoria’s COVID-19 lockdown, the School was unable to hold its annual awards ceremony as planned on 27 May.

However, we are delighted to share our recipients’ achievements and successes from the 2020 academic year on our official Awards website, launched today by Monash Business School Head, Professor Simon Wilkie.

“I am delighted to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of our students, educators and researchers who continue to rise to the challenges of remote education and research,” says Professor Wilkie.

“It’s been a tough year but our people have experienced some amazing successes, and that’s what we’re celebrating today.”

Alumni Excellence Award winner Kate Morris

Student and alumni achievements

The Awards recognise our top course award winners; students achieving excellence in their individual units; recipients of the 2020 Monash Business School Dean’s Awards for staff; and the winner of Monash University’s prestigious Mollie Holman Award for the top PhD research thesis.

They also acknowledge the outstanding professional contributions of Monash Business School’s high-calibre graduates. The recipient of the 2021 Alumni Excellence Award is Adore Beauty Co-Founder, Kate Morris.

A Bachelor of Business (Management) graduate, Ms Morris founded the Adore Beauty website in 2000, an early mover in the burgeoning online cosmetics market. Born in her Melbourne garage, Adore Beauty has since grown to more than 260 brands, 10,800 products and a CY20 turnover of $165 million, along with an ASX listing in 2020.

Each year we also award the prestigious Future Global Leaders Award to one undergraduate and one graduate student to recognise outstanding contribution to areas of business sustainability and social responsibility. Bachelor of Business and Accounting double degree student Benjamin Michelson, with Master of Banking and Finance graduate Munkhzaya Batbaatar, were recognised as our 2021 Future Global Leaders.

Future Global Leaders Award winner Benjamin Michelson

Future Global Leaders Award winner Munkhzaya Batbaatar

Now an Associate Professor at Mongolia University, Ms Batbaatar interned and volunteered while studying to gain international work experience, helping companies develop risk management and governance processes.

Mr Michelson founded FoodFilled, an initiative acquiring food from retailers and delivering it to people in need through a range of local charities. He manages 145 volunteers and through FoodFilled has fed nearly 9000 people.

Award recipients for Dean’s Honours and Commendations, Unit Award Winners and Course Awards can be found on our Awards website.

Dean’s award winners 

Other awards include the 2020 Monash Business School Dean’s Awards, which cover the categories of Education; Research; Equity and Diversity; Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME); and Professional Staff excellence.

Priya Sharma, winner of the Dean’s PRME Award for Education Excellence

Fiona Newton, winner of the Dean's Award for Equity, Diversity and Social Inclusion Education

Behind all the awards are inspirational stories - of the dedicated teachers whose free online textbook was downloaded by 4.2 million people worldwide; the early career researcher making the Indian street food sector safer; the economics associate professor fighting to get disadvantaged groups equal access to justice, and many more.

Denni Tommasi, winner of the Dean's Award for Excellence in Research by an Early Career Researcher

(L-R) Carolyn McDermott and Benjamin Hayward, winners of the Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence

Professor WIlkie says 2020 “really was a year like no other, with challenges we never thought possible”.

“To all our staff and students I applaud and thank you for continuing to strive for excellence no matter the circumstances.”