Monash Business School’s star performers recognised at Celebrating Excellence Awards 2022

27 May 2022

From left to right: Shahjadi Anika, Prof Simon Wilkie, Annie Lim and Gabrielle Terliatan.

From left to right: Shahjadi Anika, Prof Simon Wilkie, Annie Lim and Gabrielle Terliatan.

Our students, teachers and researchers are championing the empowerment of women, improving the future for refugees, finding the right people to develop better cancer treatments and tackling climate change in myriad ways.

Monash Business School last night showcased its stars of the 2021 academic year at its Celebrating Excellence Awards 2022.

The annual awards recognise our top course award winners; students achieving excellence in their individual units; the Dean’s Awards recipients for research, teaching, equity, diversity and PRME excellence; and staff awards.

Welcoming attendees, Monash Business School’s Head, Professor Simon Wilkie, said that through its teaching, research and relationships, Monash Business School aimed to contribute to a thriving, equitable and sustainable society for all.

“Remaining at the forefront of excellent education and research will be paramount,” he said.

“So too will be our willingness and capacity to work with industry and governments to address the challenges that matter to the communities we are engaged with, nationally and internationally, including climate change, affordable and sustainable energy, and our health and well-being.”

Prof Wilkie also announced the recipients of two important award categories: Alumni Excellence and Future Global Leaders.

The Alumni Excellence Award was awarded to Annie Lim, Vice President of Human Resources at biotherapeutics firm, Hummingbird Bioscience, which develops cancer and autoimmune disease treatments.

The Future Global Leaders awards recipients were two outstanding students determined to lead the way in empowering female leadership, Prof Wilkie said.

They are Master of Advanced Finance student Shahjadi Anika, and Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and Commerce student Gabrielle Terliatan.

Behind all the awards are inspirational stories.

One economist is showing policymakers how they can improve the future for millions of modern-day refugees.

An Associate Dean is helping find sustainable employment solutions for unfairly marginalised austistic adults.

A management expert’s research is providing industry with supply chain solutions to economically reduce carbon emissions.

Learn more about our winners on our official awards website.

“I’ve been truly amazed at how our community has continued to overcome obstacles and found new ways to connect, to teach, to learn, to drive change and ultimately have a positive impact on the world around us,” Prof Wilkie said.

“To all our staff and students I applaud and thank you for continuing to strive for excellence, no matter the circumstances.”

Prof Wilkie also spoke about the importance of a recent Memorandum of Understanding between Fiji National University and Monash University, which will form a partnership to create a Pacific Islands climate change research centre.

"This relationship is in its initial stages - the next step is a business case. But it's an exciting development for the Business School which has led this relationship, and Monash University more widely and ties in strongly with Monash University's Impact 2030 strategic goals," he said.