Monash Marketing’s new Industry Advisory Board chair to focus on building industry connections

4 March 2022

John Rizzo, Director of Accelerated Growth at Bupa Asia Pacifi

Industry internships for Monash Marketing students and collaborative research to address emerging industry problems will be top priority for the new chairman of the Department of Marketing’s Industry Advisory Board.

John Rizzo, Director of Accelerated Growth at Bupa Asia Pacific, takes up the chairmanship from Omniblend Innovation Chief executive Rodney Hannington, who has held the position for the last three years.

Mr Rizzo says he is keen to build on the “success and momentum” created by Mr Hannington.

“I will be focusing on supporting the growth of industry internships for Monash Marketing students, and creating space for emerging industry problems to be spotlighted in pursuit of collaborative research activities,” Mr Rizzo says.

“(After that), we will let the rapidly evolving world of marketing guide us.”

A Monash alumnus with a Bachelor of Business (Marketing and Management) and First Class Honours in Marketing, Mr Rizzo has been a member of the Industry Board since 2019.

Industry involvement in tertiary education “is essential and yet far too rare,” he says.

“In particular, marketing practice evolves at such a rapid pace that contemporary becomes stale just as we master it, and it is vital the content, frame and style of tertiary education keeps pace,” he says.

“With the long-standing Industry Advisory Board, the Monash Marketing Department is right on top of this challenge.”

A customer-centric approach remained the key to good marketing practice, he said.

“I have always believed that good business outcomes are the result of good customer outcomes, and I had the privilege to build upon this simple but guiding principle through my studies in marketing and management,” Mr Rizzo says.

“Since that time, I’ve had the opportunity to do, learn, and iterate perpetually around this principle through a range of interesting roles working with some amazing thinkers and people in the domains of marketing and corporate strategy.”

“If this has taught me one thing, it is that customer outcomes are not a function of good ideas and theory, but of environment.

“Get the environment – the system – focused on the customer, and the outcomes for both  customer and business will follow in turn.”

Mr Rizzo describes education as “a privilege I have enjoyed throughout my life and the Monash Marketing Department has been a central part of that”.

“The Board affords me an opportunity to give back through forging stronger connections between industry and the Department in the shape of education opportunities (both ways), research opportunities, and collaborative support through our respective challenges.”

“It is a pleasure to take the opportunity to chair the Board in 2022.”