Heading to the top

Monash Computer Science and Econometrics student, Aditi Venkatesh, has been named in the Australian Financial Review’s list of Top 100 Future Leaders.

Aditi Venkatesh

Ms Venkatesh attributes her success to her knowledge of the impact of technology on various industries, something she says she developed through her volunteer experience, Monash’s interdisciplinary approach and her work.

A Product Manager at Australian software development firm Atlassian, working to improve the observability and debugging experience of third party developers in its Ecosystem platform, Ms Vankatesh has a passion for human-centred design.

"The intersection between technology and business excites me because it’s at the forefront of innovation – and in today’s world, everything involves more than just one area of study," she says.

Ms Venkatesh supports an alumni community of women in technology as co-founder of the Technology Circle at The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School and was President of the Monash Computing and Commerce Association (CCA).

In 2020 she led a team of 30 people at CCA to transition all operations, including events, to online delivery. She also increased alumni engagement by creating online groups, social events and an Advisory Board.

"We attracted industry-leading companies to networking events to facilitate discussions about trending technologies, but we also held games nights and dance workshops to boost morale during lockdown," she says.

Through the Monash Vice Chancellor’s Ancora Imparo Leadership Program, Ms Venkatesh learned to seek out diverse opinions and show empathy when making decisions.

"I discovered collaborative learning, shared understanding and team alignment. Going into the workforce, the ability to work in a team and create alignment without sacrificing the ethics behind decisions is very valuable," she says.