Illuminating alumni

In times marked by change and uncertainty, how can we negotiate for the creation of a better world? You don’t need a diplomatic title, according to Elisabeth Perrin.

Elisabeth Perrin

"You can be a diplomat in your daily life and work," she says.

Five years after completing a Monash University Bachelor of Communication, Ms Perrin studied a Master of Diplomacy and Trade to pursue her passion for peace and align her career with her values.

Following an internship with Humanitarian Affairs Asia in Bangkok, Ms Perrin extended her placement in its Management Trainee Program and will soon begin a role as a global communications specialist.

At Humanitarian Affairs Asia, she helps run youth empowerment programs that nurture young emerging leaders to become "compassionate global citizens that can appease people who hold different fundamental values," which is core to everyday diplomacy, she says.

"With rapid developments in international security and geopolitical agendas and fragmented rules and norms governing international relations, diplomacy can seem invisible, but it affects us all."

Ms Perrin says grassroots diplomacy, global co-operation and creating bridges across peoples and cultures are key to international strategies that create a more sustainable world.