Measuring our research impact

Research impact and engagement is a critical priority for Monash Business School. In 2020, Professor Gavin Jack was appointed to a newly created role, Associate Dean Research Impact.

Professor Gavin Jack

"I took up the role of inaugural Associate Dean Research Impact to support researchers to take their high quality scholarly research and maximise its potential to make a positive contribution beyond academia.

"Crucially, research impact is more than disseminating the findings of our research to the public. It is about engaging with industry, government and community partners in Australia and overseas to co-create change that ultimately benefits society, the economy, and the environment.

"In my own research on diversity and sustainable development, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside and learning from a variety of organisational practitioners in Australia, and NGOs and farming groups in the Philippines. I have learned how academic research may serve and be used to serve diverse organisational and community needs.

"In 2020, we were able to start the process of supporting a set of inspiring researchers and research projects from across the Business School through our Impact Acceleration Grants Scheme."