Our School Mission

Adapting to a new world order

Our passion, commitment and drive to live our School Mission and 'engage in the highest quality research and education to have a positive impact on a changing world' has never been more evident.

The world has undergone radical transformation as a result of COVID-19 and at times we have been tested to our limits. But we have remained steadfast in our pursuit of excellence and in service of our many communities.

Through our mindset of innovation, we have been re-imagining, re-designing and remaking everything we do, applying both the innovations and safeguards necessary to deal with an unpredictable world pandemic.

In 2019, as we completed the re-accreditation process to maintain our esteemed triple accreditation and affirm our place among the world's best business schools, our international accreditors praised our many endeavours but also the 'positive energy and shared purpose of our community'.

It is this energy and purpose that has driven us forward in 2020. We transformed over 850 business units to an online format in an incredibly short time-frame to ensure our 18,000-plus students could continue their world-class studies online, no matter their location.

We also tackled many entrenched processes to create dynamic new solutions, such as successfully executing more than 80,000 exams online through a variety of delivery methods to students around the world. We embraced the opportunities of the virtual environment so our students could continue to participate in a wide range of co-curricular activities from remote internships and corporate projects to virtual exchange, industry presentations and online employability workshops.

We will continue to see great shifts in our physical and social environments with communities affected by challenges of a global scale that threaten the very fabric of our society.

We also created new wellbeing resources, together with virtual events and meeting spaces to keep our students engaged and connected to their learning and each other.

Our researchers quickly began to pivot their work to provide new data and insights into the effects of the pandemic on our mental health, our economy, our businesses, our leadership and most importantly on how we navigate the aftermath and what the road to recovery might look like.

They brought together some of the world's leading minds in a dynamic series of webinars that debated the key issues, attracting a collective audience of 6,000 participants from 38 countries.

These are just some of the many ways we have lifted our capabilities to manage the immediate challenges of the pandemic.

However, as we look to a new future, we will continue to see great shifts in our physical and social environments with communities affected by challenges of a global scale that threaten the very fabric of our society from the climate crisis and geopolitical insecurity to the health of diverse communities.

As part of a world-class university with a focus on being Excellent, International, Enterprising and Inclusive, we have the capability, reach and aspiration to shape the future of business through our education, research and engagement.

We will continue to embrace advances in technology and new business practices to deliver contemporary student-centred education, together with quality research with real community impact.

We will be inclusive in our principles and practices and uphold the values of human rights, social justice and respect for diversity. We will actively champion the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) and progress the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

As we look towards 2021, we also look to redefine the Monash Business School Mission and Vision to better articulate not only our purpose and our future aspirations, but how the weight of our impact will be measured, as we strive to overcome the great global challenges before us.