Energy economics

Dr Mita Bhattacharya

Researcher: Dr Mita Bhattacharya

Dr Bhattacharya specializes in applied economic research with a focus on energy economics. Broadly, Dr Bhattacharya is interested in emerging energy transitions ,  technology and infrastructure, and how these relate to energy policies.

Dr Bhattacharya’s research is interdisciplinary and based on both macro and micro models relating energy variables with growth, trade, infrastructure, health, and employment in different countries or regions. Her current research involves analyzing the sources of energy poverty, factors affecting emissions growth, and the economics of global warming.

The models are tested with large-scale data using contemporary time series and panel estimation techniques. She collaborates with researchers in Canada, India, UK, and the USA.

With the Faculty of Engineering, Dr Bhattacharya recently completed a report into the viability of a used tyre processing plant for Tyre Stewardship Australia. The report found that a 60-ton-tyre-a-day plant using pyrolysis technology could not only avoid the use of landfill, but become cash-positive in four years, with an oil production cost of around 80c a litre.

The report found a dedicated supply chain was needed to make pyrolysis plants viable, along with regulatory requirements facilitating the plants’ introduction.

In a second project currently underway, Dr Bhattacharya is supervising a PhD student investigating the use of chipless RFID technology, similar to grocery barcoding, that records temperature and other data in commercial seafood. The project is analysing and identifying cost saving strategies in transport and storage for a seafood supplier after the implementation of this device.

Dr Bhattacharya has held visiting positions at the University of East Anglia in the UK, the OECD in France, Doshisha University in Japan. In Australia, she was visiting scholar for the Australian National University and Curtin University in Australia.

She is currently on the editorial board of the International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, the International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues and Foreign Trade Review.

Dr Bhattacharya has supervised more than twenty PhD, Master and Honours students. She has published more than 60 academic journal articles, 10 book chapters, and edited one book.

Her research on renewable energy published in Applied Energy (IF 9.74) has received the Highest Cited Paper Awards from the International Society of Applied Energy. She has also received a range of internal and external competitive grants.

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