Projects and publications

Digitalisation, AI and data analytics

O’Reilly, J., Stuart, M., Cooke, F. L., Rubery, J., et al. (2019-2023), ‘Digital futures at work (Dig.IT Futures@Work)’, the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), £7.9 million (full costing), £6.5 million, the Economic and Social Research Council.

Cooke, F. L. (January-June 2019), ‘Digitalisation and decent work in Pacific Island Countries’, International Labour Organisation Office, Pacific Island Countries, USD$12,500.

Cooke, F. L. (January – December 2019), Digitalisation and its implications for skills, employment and human resource management’, Australian Human Resources Institute, Australia, $5,000.

McLoughlin, I. (Lead), Cooke, F. L., Davenport, S. and Cornford, J. (November 2015-October 2016), ‘Into uncharted waters: Governing big and open data across government/third sector boundaries in the delivery care services’, Australian New Zealand School of Government: $61,000.

Wiegmann, L. ‘Decision making in the digital age: influence of individual and organisational information processing on the company’s success’ (EUR 99,500, approx. AUD 157,000, Dr Werner Jackstädt Foundation grant, with Assoc Prof Martin Schulz (Sauder School of Business), Prof Dr Erik Strauss (Witten/Herdecke University (WHU)), Prof Jürgen Weber (WHU))

Wiegmann, L. ‘The interplay of centralized and decentralized forecasting practices in the digital age’ (2018 – 2020, £15,339.92 CIMA grant, AUD 17,000 ECR grant, with Prof Utz Schäffer and Assist Prof Lukas Löhlein (both WHU))

Cooke, F. L. (2019), Digitalization and Decent Work: Implications for Pacific Island Countries. International Labour Organization Report: ILO Office for Pacific Island Countries.

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