Message from Monash Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Rebekah Brown

Monash Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Rebekah Brown
Monash Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Rebekah Brown

Message from Monash Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Rebekah Brown

Monash University brings a strong track record on climate change research and action to the table.

In our recent strategic plan, Impact 2030, we identified climate change as one of the three grand challenges of the age we wish to address as an institution.

We have enormous capability and reach within our nine campuses across the globe, 86 000 students, 18 000 staff, 10 faculties. Monash ranks among the top 50 universities in the world and Monash Business School ranks at number 39 in the world by Times Higher Education.

Monash is Australia’s largest and most global University, with campuses in Indonesia, Malaysia, China, India, a teaching and research centre in Italy; as well as considerable programs and research activities across the Pacific region.

This means we have the knowledge, expertise, scale, and globally respected influence to help make an impact.

We walk the walk and lead by example. Our campus operations such as our Net Zero Initiative, and the way we invest in climate bonds, are testament to this.

Three other major research centres based at Monash show our dedication to climate change: Climateworks, the Monash Energy Institute, and the Monash Climate Change Communications Research Hub.

Our new PACT Centre differs in its focus – the business and economics of climate change in the Pacific. As part of PACT, Monash Business School has brought together more than 50 economists, marketers, accountants, lawyers, bankers, and finance experts to address the business and economics of climate change.

The group is working to improve understanding of the socio-economic costs of climate change, risks of inaction, costs and benefits of mitigation and adaptation responses.

Importantly, PACT reflects our deep commitment to localisation and decolonisation agendas. PACT is a true partnership, founded on multi-dimensional transfer of knowledge, not just from Australia to the region but also from the region back to Australia.

We want to build the next generation of climate researchers and practitioners through expanding training opportunities, PhD and Masters students, and support Pacific workforce development.

Together, we can co-design and conduct research programs to accelerate the achievement of Pacific Island countries’ goals.

Monash University is incredibly proud to be part of the new PACT research centre.

We have no doubt it will contribute to real solutions to help address this critical global challenge and make a positive impact for people and the planet.