Monash Business and Sustainability Network

The Monash Business and Sustainability Network is an interdisciplinary collaboration that draws upon the extensive expertise in sustainable business found at Monash's campuses both in Australia and internationally.

The Network's objective is to promote high-quality research and education focusing on the interaction between sustainability and good business practices.

We believe that one of the biggest challenges of our times is to develop businesses and economies that are resilient and adaptable to profound environmental change. By creating links between researchers at all of Monash's campuses, we aim to marshal the considerable resources available across the University both more effectively and in such a way that the major issues facing our world today can be tackled from a truly more global, multidisciplinary perspective.

The Network will promote its work through regular international symposia and research events.

Sustainable Development Workshop

Each year, the Network hosts the Sustainable Development Workshop at Monash University's Prato campus.

Steering committee

At the inaugural meeting of the Network, a steering committee was formed. The members of the steering committee are:

Professor Gary Magee (Chair)
Professor Sisira Jayasuriya
Professor Felix Mavondo
Professor Fang Lee Cooke
Professor Amrik Sohal
Professor Michael Ward
Professor Mahendhiran Nair
Professor Gamini Herath
Associate Professor HB Klopper