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  2. Thumbnail for How COVID-19 has impacted access to capital markets

    10 Aug 2020

    COVID-19 has created a surge of riskier, lower rated corporate bond offerings to investors. But debt overhang is a looming concern.

  3. Thumbnail for Post-communist countries: a new 'business as usual'?

    10 Aug 2020

    Following the end of the former Soviet Union, communist countries were forced to open their economies. Some 30 years along, how have they fared?

  4. Thumbnail for Vale Richard Scotton AO

    15 Oct 2019

    Richard (Dick) Scotton AO, who passed away on October 1, 2019 aged 88, will be remembered for his significant contribution both to Australian economics and to the Australian community.

  5. Thumbnail for Vote 1 for wellbeing: Can a conservative ideology make you healthier?

    23 Aug 2019

    Conservatives are more likely to be healthier, more willing to engage in physical activity, and have stronger intentions to quit smoking, according to research by Monash Business School. And marketers can play a leading role in delivering this pos

  6. Thumbnail for Announcing My Alumni Story Winners

    20 Dec 2019

    Monash Business School Alumni Michael Trakhtman's blossoming career has already seen him named the 2019 Corporate Accountant of the Year at the Australian Accountants Awards, run by Momentum Media's AccountantsDaily.

  7. Thumbnail for New Speaker must lead the way in restoring parliamentary ethics and trust

    05 Aug 2015

    The race to become the new Speaker of the House of Representatives following Bronwyn Bishop's resignation is hotting up.

  8. 28 Jul 2015

    Sharing one's accreditation journey is important to improve the quality of the higher education experience in business schools around the world, according to the Head of Monash Business School.

  9. Thumbnail for CHE 25th anniversary

    15 Feb 2016

    2015 marked 25 years since the foundation of the Centre for Health Economics (CHE) at Monash. To honour the milestone, the Centre hosted two days of celebrations in November, including a symposium and workshop.

  10. Thumbnail for Outstanding ERA 2015 results for Monash Business School

    04 Dec 2015

    The Australian Research Council's ERA 2015 results were published today, with excellent outcomes for Monash Business School

  11. Thumbnail for Inaugural EBS Awards

    27 May 2015

    Held on 6 May, the inaugural EBS Awards night celebrated outstanding student achievements within the department, across units in econometrics, business statistics and actuarial science.