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Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)

Beta Alpha Psi is an international honour organisation for accounting, finance and business information systems students and professionals.

The primary goal of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the financial information field.

Business and Commerce Student’s Society (BCSS)

The Business and Commerce Students’ Society (BCSS) is one of the premier student societies at Monash University. We are committed to ensuring our members enjoy a smooth transition from high school to university, and ultimately into rewarding employment.

Business Student Society, Peninsula (PBSS)

The Peninsula Business Student Society proudly represents all Business students on the Peninsula Campus. With a brand new committee and vision, we have big plans for 2020! Keep an eye out for our merchandise, academic events and social functions.

Computing and Commerce Association (CCA)

The Computing and Commerce Association (CCA) is the only joint IT and Commerce Association in Victoria, helping to unite business and technology students since its founding in 2000. With more than 1100 active members, CCA continues to grow each year, offering more events and opportunities for its members. It is through this that we strive to achieve our aim: 'to foster a link between the professionals of today and the professionals of tomorrow'.

By creating opportunities for students to connect with industry representatives and equipping students with knowledge about latest trends, CCA is able to create a well-connected community of like-minded individuals with essential skills or experiences that are highly regarded.

Economics Student Society of Australia (ESSA)

Starting as a group of friends with a mutual love for economics, ESSA has now become the largest economics society of its kind in Australia, spanning across both the University of Melbourne and Monash University.

We strive to connect students, professionals and academics to create a passionate and informed economics community.

Financial Management Association of Australia (FMAA)

With the continuing support of Gold and Founding Sponsor, the Macquarie Group, the FMAA actively promotes the career awareness of students and facilitates involvement in business-related activities. Over the years, it has rapidly become one of the most dynamic and enthusiastically supported student bodies on campus, enjoying a strong reputation for energy and professionalism.

The FMAA has over 5500 student members nationally. The genuine value offered to members underlies our continual growth and stamps the Association as the largest professionally focused student organisation in Australia.

Monash Accounting Students' Association (MASA)

For accounting students by accounting students.

MASA is a commerce student society that focuses on bridging the gap between students and the professional industry. In particular, the society aims to facilitate the professional development of its members through providing networking opportunities, internship/program information, course advice, social events, etc.

Monash Actuarial Student Society (MASS)

The Monash Actuarial Students Society (MASS) was established in May 2010 as Monash University’s official student society for members undertaking actuarial studies. The society is supported by the Monash Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics and is affiliated with the Monash Student Association.

MASS is made up of over two hundred Monash University students. While we cater to the needs of students focusing on actuarial science, all members of the Monash community are welcome. The majority of our members major in Actuarial Science but you will also find that many study a double degree. With such a diverse cohort, MASS offers a range of social and personal networking opportunities for all members.

Monash Marketing Student Society (MMSS)

We are the biggest society on the Monash Caulfield campus, with a strong cohort of students. The MMSS is renowned for providing a variety of events for social and career development. This is achieved through a strong and valued connection with a variety of organisations within the industry.

The MMSS is additionally renowned for its Marketing Industry Development Scheme (MINDS), an industry-focused initiative that aims to bridge the gap between university and employment for our valued members.

While the focus of the society revolves primarily around marketing students, we represent a broader range of business and economics students with ambition and drive.

University Network for Investing and Trading (UNIT), Monash

UNIT aims to teach skills that classrooms cannot; we want to share our knowledge to give people the skills to be financially independent.

Student associations

Student associations provide discounts, services, publications, social activities, clubs and societies, student leadership, and representation on academic affairs for students at all Monash campuses.

The student associations at Monash also provide advocacy and support that's completely independent from the University. They're available to give you free assistance in relation to a wide range of issues.

  • MGA

    The Monash Graduate Association (MGA) is the representative body for all graduate research and coursework students enrolled at Monash University. The MGA is an independent, not-for-profit association governed by graduate students, for graduate students.

  • MONSU Caulfield

    MONSU is your student union on campus, here to ensure you have the best possible university experience. We represent you, the student of this campus, and support you through a range of services designed to ultimately ensure you have an unforgettable time while at university.

  • MONSU Peninsula

    We provide you with all the tools, tricks & fun stuff to ensure that your university experience is filled with fun, support and freebies. There's a lot on offer at MONSU Peninsula, and your student representatives are here to advocate to ensure that any concerns, ideas, or initiatives are highlighted.

  • MSA

    MSA: A better student experience! The Monash Student Association (MSA) is the representative body for all Monash Clayton students. Established in 1961, the student union has a proud history of serving and protecting students' interests.