Calm Your Exam Nerves

Pencil with multiple choice questions

Like all good things, the mid-semester break has come and gone, and probably already feels like a distant memory. With week nine commencing, the dreaded exam period is not far ahead.

If you’re starting to feel a little panicked, here are a few tips that can help with your preparation and ease those pre-exam jitters.

Have a plan

There are still few weeks left this semester and you are still learning new content. The thought of combining this new knowledge along with everything you’ve already learnt can feel quite daunting, however planning your days can make a world of difference.

Now’s the time to start. Perhaps set aside certain days for exam revision, or do your revision bit by bit each day. Maybe you have a plan that already works for you, the important thing is to choose what works best for you.


Speak to your tutors and lecturers

If you are having trouble understanding any of the content, your first point of contact should be your lecturers or tutors. While they can have up to hundreds of students, they’re always happy to help, as they’d prefer to get it right than leave you in the dark. The reason they teach the units they do is because they enjoy it, and they always want to see students succeed.

Arrange a study space

Everyone has different study preferences. Some might prefer working on their own in a quiet study space, while others are more motivated by working in groups and sharing ideas around. Find out what works best for you and plan around that. If you get more out of studying at the library, try to make put aside some time before or after your classes to head over there and get some study done.

Friends can help too

While your friends most likely won’t be able to tutor you, they can help in other ways. Maybe some of your friends are currently under the same stress as you, or have experienced the same pressures.

You could look at organising a study group among friends in the lead up to exam time, where you can ask questions or discuss study material you wouldn’t normally have the chance to.



Exam time can be quite overwhelming, so it’s a good idea to allow yourself plenty of breaks and rest. Socialising with friends and family for a few hours might help break up your day, and re-energise yourself for further study. Also, don’t let your hobbies suffer. Find time to enjoy your hobbies. Whether that is going for a run, watching TV or listening to music, you may find that giving yourself a break will go a long way.