Joshua Khaw

Monash Business School student Josh Khaw

Hi, I’m Joshua and I’m a third year Commerce/Law student majoring in Accounting. Leading into university, I was most excited about the prospect of a new environment with the opportunity to explore challenging and in-depth content in an area I wanted to study.

Monash Global Discovery Program

In February this year, I was among just seven students lucky enough to go to London as part of the Monash Global Discovery Program. It was an immersive week-long program, which was hosted by Monash alumni now working in the United Kingdom.

The action-packed schedule was great, and throughout the week we were provided countless opportunities to interact with and learn from leaders in a range of diverse fields. We also were able to engage with alumni through insightful office tours, sampling technology and attending functions, such as a speed networking evening.

Reception photo

While the action-packed schedule was great, the biggest obstacle I needed to overcome was getting over the jet lag quickly! It was a bit of a shock getting straight off the plane and immediately into it, but the adrenaline of being overseas kicked in. It helped when pretty much everything we did was unique and insightful.

The most enjoyable moment from the trip definitely came from a reception held in the Australian High Commission, which was a filming location for the Harry Potter movies! It was fantastic to hear from Alexander Downer AC, who was very insightful in regards to his leadership experience. Hearing from him, and other presenters throughout the program, really helped guide my future goals.

London 1


I am currently treasurer of Monash SEED (Socio-Economic Engagement and Development). I joined SEED towards the end of my first year as I wanted to get a real taste of university life, and work alongside a vibrant and passionate group of students.

So far, this has been a very rewarding experience. I’ve been able to work with and learn from people with drive and motivation, which makes it feel like a true community. The most enjoyable aspect about SEED is that it is truly diverse and there are countless ways for students to get involved. Inevitably it can be demanding, however working towards a common goal and seeing it successfully develop makes the teams efforts worthwhile.

I’ve gotten a lot out of my time with SEED. Not only can it be seen as an incredible platform to meet and interact with like-minded students, it taught me that a dedicated and cohesive team can achieve great outcomes!

Just enjoy it!

Overall, university can be quite bland if you just go through the motions. The experiences that I’ve enjoyed through SEED and the Monash Global Discovery Program have allowed me to learn lessons from present and past students, which has really given me confidence for life after uni.