Joyce Tan

Joyce Tan

My name is Joyce Tan and I am currently in my second year studying a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing and Communications and Media Studies.

I can’t believe it’s already been a year and seven months since I left home in Malaysia to study abroad in Australia. Being a family-oriented person, the initial thought of leaving the familiarity of home to step foot into the realm of unknown was daunting. Luckily, my parents were supportive of me going to Monash because they wanted me to have a quality education in one of the best business schools. Monash’s international reputation and Monash Business School’s renowned accreditation ticked all the boxes.

Joyce Tan - Family
My family and I

Back in Malaysia, I was doing an Australian matriculation (pathway) in college, so continuing my studies in an Australian institution made the transition a lot smoother. Living in Melbourne – one of the most vibrant and liveable cities – was also a big drawcard for me. There are so many things to see and discover, which has made the studying abroad experience an incredible one. Although moving to Melbourne was a scary prospect, I can now say with conviction that going outside of my comfort zone and being blessed with opportunities of different leadership roles has played a big part in moulding me into the person I am today.

To my surprise, it did not take me too long to adapt to my new life (and newfound freedom) in Melbourne. Other than the occasional homesickness that hit or the fact that I missed the things I used to take for granted (such as driving or having late night supper with friends), I loved the control I had over my time. It was also rewarding knowing that I could actually live on my own!

Joyce Tan - Grampians

Making the most of the experience

At the start of my first semester in university I told myself that I wanted to make the very best out of my three years studying abroad. Because of this, I involved myself in various clubs, including the Overseas Christian Fellowship and AIESEC. I am also part of Impetus Consulting Group, the student ambassador program and I am currently volunteering for Wholefoods, all of which have definitely been keeping me on my toes – in a good way!

Being someone who loves nature and outdoor activities, I try to utilise my holidays to travel, be it going on road trips, hiking or just exploring the nooks and crannies of the city. One of my best travelling experience is hiking in Grampians with a bunch of friends, and to date I can still vividly remember the sense of achievement of making it to the peak and the picturesque bird’s eye view of Grampians National Park. This year, I also made the decision to live on campus, which has been very eye-opening as it has truly enabled me to meet people from all around the world.

Life as an intern

Recently, I completed a month-long internship in a media agency, where I was placed in both the Biddable and Social team. As an intern I did a bit of everything, including curating newsletters and visiting media partners, such as local TV networks and radio stations. I also presented in front of the entire Melbourne office, which was extremely daunting, and came up with content ideas for clients. This priceless experience has broadened my perspective and given me a clearer direction of what I aspire to pursue in the future, namely digital media.

Joyce Tan - Internship

Channel 7 tour as part of my internship

Joyce Tan - Internship
Meeting Fifi, Dave and Fev as part of my internship

Seize the day!

To any international students out there, or to anyone thinking of studying abroad – don’t be afraid to seize opportunities! Try not to let the fear of failure, making mistakes or even the unknown hold you back.

University can be the most exciting time of your life (it definitely has been for me!) and by making the most of it, you will discover untapped potential in yourselves waiting to be unleashed.

Joyce Tan - Ambassador
Meeting my mentees for the first time