Work-ready program

Exclusively for final year undergraduate and graduate students. In September each year we offer an opportunity to connect with industry through a work ready program.

Step 1

Either take your up-to-date resume to a Career Connect Drop-In session and get some feedback OR submit your up-to-date resume online and get some feedback.  

Step 2

With your feedback received, select a minimum of 2 of the workshops below to help you improve.

A series of skills workshop to help students on their way to employment including:

  1. Advanced Resume Writing  (Aug – wk 2)
  2. Address Key selection criteria  (Aug – wk 3)
  3. Writing an effective cover letter (Aug – wk 4)
  4. Great interviews using the S.T.A.R. strategy (Aug – wk 5)
  5. Introduction to Mock Interviews (early Sept )

Step 3

Once you have submitted your resume, received your feedback and attended a minimum of 2 of the above workshops, you will be allocated an interview with one of our industry partners.  We will email you an invitation.

This is a great opportunity for you to practice your skills and get valuable feedback.

Mock interviews will be held during the Sem 2 mid semester break week (end Sept), on Wed 27 and Thursday 28 September at Caulfield campus.  

Full details will be contained in your interview offer email.

Your interview will go for 15 minutes with 5 minutes of feedback.