Application and approval process

Step 1

Check that you’re eligible and get some course advice from Student Services.

You can:

Keep in mind

  • When seeking advice, nominate the WIL unit you’d like to take and any units you’d need to discontinue to make this possible.
  • We’ll only consider your application if your course eligibility confirmation is attached.

Step 2

Select your WIL internship option:

Option A: Monash Business School sourced internship

While we do our best to find each student an internship opportunity, these positions are very competitive and we can’t guarantee every application will be successful.

Option B: Self-sourced internship

You can find your own internship by approaching companies you’re interested in working with. Read through our Self-sourced internship tips for more information.

Step 3 

Fill out the WIL Internship Proposal form to help us assess your application and understand how your proposed internship will contribute to your course.

Step 4

Log into your Monash student portal and submit an online WIL Internship Application. Or see the InPlace Monash Business School Quick Reference Card.

Be sure to attach your:

  • Course Advice Confirmation
  • WIL Internship Proposal
  • Updated resume

Step 5

We’ll assess your application to make sure the internship meets Monash Business School requirements. We may ask for an interview with you as part of the process.

Step 6

We’ll get in touch to let you know the outcome of your application. If successful, your enrolment will be processed and you’ll need to confirm it in WES.

Step 7

You’ll get access to the relevant Moodle site where you’ll find all the information about your assessment.