Student experience

Su Yeoh went on the Chile Summer Study Program in 2017. Here is a quick snapshot of her experiences on the tour.

Why the Chile study tour?

"I chose the summer study abroad unit in Santiago, Chile as I am interested in the issues of international development and management of international organisations. Apart from studies at that time, I was also working full-time as a Manager in an international education institution. As our target market has begun to expand to other parts of the world besides Asia, the unit presented me with the opportunity to see the world and broaden my experiences and skills.

The knowledge of being in an international environment can be of great use when working in an international company and in daily life when relating to people with different backgrounds – which was an essential skill in my workplace at the time, working with international students and external stakeholders."


"I learnt a lot about other cultures and habits, gained new cultural insights. I had a wonderful time travelling and making new friends at the same time. The Spanish classes offered with the study abroad experience provided me with the opportunity to practice the language further."