Banking and Finance international study program – BFX3871/BFX5860

Applications are now open and will close on 16 July 2019.

The international study program is an exciting way to experience and explore how culture affects accounting, banking and finance practices. It provides students with the conceptual foundations on the functions and institutions of the international financial system and accounting standard setting process. Students will be able to gain a practical understanding of issues in international accounting, banking & finance through visiting international organisations.

Countries visited include: Italy, Germany, France & England.

Approximate costs for the overseas component of the program are expected to be AUD$6,900 (including all travel, transfers, accommodation and some meals.  It does not include all your meals and any further spending money.  However, every student accepted into the program has the potential to qualify for a faculty grant of AUD$1,000. Standard unit fees will apply and are in addition to the travel cost.

The trip will begin on January 7, 2020 and conclude on January 24, 2020.

Prior to our travel, students will be required to participate in an “in class” learning session in mid-late November, ie after the semester 2 exams have been completed.

You can apply for both the accounting and banking and finance programs but you will only be accepted into one of the programs/units.

There are 30 places available - 15 Banking & Finance and 15 Accounting.

BFX3871 is a Capstone for all Business & Commerce degrees, single or double.

Applications close 16 July 2019.