Our networking events, workshops and programs are designed to assist you with the process of managing life, learning and work by providing you with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours required to develop and manage your studies and career path more effectively.

Mentoring program

The Monash Business School Student Mentoring Program focuses on career and work/life mentoring and can help you find direction in your studies and refine your career goals.

Find out more about our mentoring program

Journeys to Success Seminar Series

We also offer a number of seminars throughout the year where business leaders provide insights into leadership and their experiences within their own business.

More details about our Journey to Success Seminar Series


You can gain valuable skills and experience, and take advantage of networking opportunities by volunteering.

Student representation on Faculty Committees

As a member of faculty committees, you are able to share your views and opinions on various initiatives within the faculty and make a difference to the wider student community. Find out more about representing on Faculty Committees

Volunteering at Monash

Monash’s online portal for browsing hundreds of volunteering opportunities tailored to your interests and skills. The Volunteer Gateway lists opportunities for you to volunteer within the University as well as with student-run and external not for profit organisations. Volunteering is a great way to make a contribution to the University and the wider community, as well as develop skills and social and professional networks. More details about volunteering