Educational approach

In addition to core theoretical knowledge and practical skills, we aim to equip our students with a passion for their discipline and the confidence to operate in a global environment. Our goal is to create graduates who look beyond their discipline to understand the world's problems and to find innovative solutions.

We do this through a unique offering of academic programs, distinguished by their sheer breadth of course and business disciplines, and by ensuring that every learning experience is different.

  • We blend traditional learning with face-to-face 'active' experiences and powerful online delivery.
  • We encourage students to use the latest technology to test their knowledge.
  • We integrate work and learning but connecting students with industry in mutually beneficial, collaborative projects.
  • We offer a diverse co-curricular experience that equips students with the understanding and skills required for the global scale of 21st century business.

Leadership and personal growth

Monash Business School is a launch pad for the CEOs of tomorrow. We recognise that good leaders require a strong education but also the support to develop their leadership abilities and sense of self. We nurture this ambitious spirit through a series of extra-curricular development programs. These include

These programs help our high-achieving students foster their leadership and personal capabilities. They develop ethical attitudes and encourage innovative thinking, entrepreneurship, and teamwork skills.


Innovative facilities and technologies

Monash Business School delivers cutting-edge facilities and interactive technology, including our STARLab and MonLEE labs to enhance student learning and provide practical experiences.

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Work-integrated learning

At Monash Business School we facilitate  internships and industry-based learning approaches, to ensure our students graduate with practical experience on their CVs.


Leadership and development

Our co-curricular experiences including leadership, mentoring and development training at all levels, to facilitate the development of contemporary and ethical leadership skills.

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