Research approach

We have a rigorous research culture with a long and proud history of excellence and achievement. 

Globally recognised as a hub of influence, Monash Business School uses its influence to shape and address the challenges of the 21st century. 

We're guided in our research by a regard for human rights and social justice and by a respect for diversity in individuals, communities and ideas. Alongside these principles is a commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge, driving innovation, shaping business practice and making a measurable and positive impact on society. It's about transforming business, addressing global problems and contributing in a meaningful way to the issues that matter.

To achieve our goals, we're increasing our connections with industry, government and the world's very best research organisations. We're also breaking down traditional barriers between fields of study, creating cross-disciplinary teams and centres. Fundamental is an unrelenting commitment to excellence and support for our early career researchers and emerging research leaders.

Interdisciplinary approach

We believe that an interdisciplinary approach to research is essential to solving complex problems and to contribute to the transformation of global business practice and public policy.

Accordingly we've established three key research themes with the aim of fostering a culture of collaborative scholarship within the school but also the wider academic community.