Dr George Rivers

Associate Dean, Industry Research

Dr George Rivers

George Rivers is Associate Dean (Industry Research) in the Faculty of Business and Economics.

George has a Bachelor of Economics (Honours), a Masters of Economics and a PhD in industrial economics from Monash University.

He has worked in a range of industry-related research projects including, most notably, his research for the Royal Botanic Gardens on benefit transfer, which played a key role in securing $21 million from the Bracks Government for the construction of Stage 2 of the Australian Garden.

Another example of his impactful industry engagement is his work on power line safety for Energy Safe Victoria, which was used as evidence by the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfire Royal Commission. He has also undertaken contract research for organisations including: the Department of Primary Industries; the Department of Sustainability and Environment; the Department of Justice; The Department of Business Innovation; the Australian Tax Office; and the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors. The range of research projects he has worked on has included: road safety; animal welfare; regulation reform; integrated water management; and ICT innovation and productivity.