STARLab is a purpose-built facility that runs a suite of financial market simulation software. The purpose of the STARLab facilities is to complement classroom teaching by simulating a financial market environment in which textbook concepts are brought to life in real-world market scenarios.

Each semester, we run two dedicated units (BFF3301 and BFX5260 – Treasury and Financial Markets).

Our students are exposed to events that demand thoughtful, but rapid responses. They will engineer responses using a range of financial instruments, including foreign exchange, equities and fixed interest.

Increasingly, algorithmic trading cases are integrated within units. In addition, we can offer cases involving portfolio management, derivatives, energy and commodities.

In each case, students will analyse financial exposures and determine strategies in order to hedge risks and generate profits in competition with other traders. A strong emphasis on ethics is woven into STARLab deliveries.

Two facilities are located at the Caulfield campus (H-building), seating 78 and 42, while one facility operates at the Clayton campus (Menzies building), seating 66 students.

Each student has access to their own trading terminal. In addition, they monitor an array of screens that provide dynamic trading and market information.

The facilities are not exclusively used as a teaching space. They are also used by researchers to examine trader behaviour in a controlled environment. Industry players have access to the space for demonstration or training purposes.

It is also a popular destination for visiting secondary school students throughout the year, prospective students (on Open Day) and international delegations.

What makes STARLab so unique is Monash Business School's years of understanding of student behaviour in a trading environment. Classes are facilitated by academic staff, several of whom have had extensive market experience in wholesale commercial markets.

Other faculty units are offered within the facilities, allowing the integration of simulation based learning to demonstrate a range of theoretical concepts.

We have developed highly focussed learning and teaching material, which results in an extremely high level of student participation and attendance. The feedback provided by our students is invariably positive. As such, the key units are always heavily subscribed.

Watch the STARLab come to life