Student learning opportunities

Providing students with the opportunity to expand their learning while at university is something the sustainability team values highly. Check out the opportunities available below.


We work with faculties to coordinate student internships. If you are interested in completing an internship with us please apply through your faculty via the following links.

Green Steps

Green Steps is an award-winning sustainability leadership program run by Monash Sustainable Development Institute. The program offers innovative and practical sustainability training and consultancy projects for ambitious emerging leaders at Monash University.

To find out more visit the Green Steps web page.

Monash Minds student leadership program

Monash Minds is a program that embodies the Monash ethos of community service.

Open to selected first-year students, you’ll get the opportunity to develop your leadership skills so you can make a positive difference to the lives of others.

To find out more visit the Monash minds web page.