Starting your own business

Consider being your own boss by starting a business. You could create a new business, buy an existing business or start a franchise. Before starting a business in Australia, you should do some research.

Career Connect conducts specialised workshops covering the foundations of starting your own business, the skills needed and where to find help.

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Be realistic

Know the financial burden and risks and hidden costs before undertaking a business. You may have very little income until the business makes a profit and may be risking your personal assets, or someone else's.

Research statistics on small business statistics – e.g. how many small businesses fail each year (business exits).

Get advice and support

Starting a business can be a complex undertaking requiring much research and preparation. There are numerous resources available to assist aspiring entrepreneurs.

Before registering your business

If you want to have a website, you should check if there is an existing web address (domain or domain name) before registering a name or business number.

Recent graduates and self-employment

Some degrees are more likely to lead to self-employment such as art design and architecture, drama and multimedia/computing.

Most graduates get experience with an employer before starting their own business. Consider starting a business in your spare time while working another job part-time. This will give you time to test your business ideas and still have an income.