Job hunting methods

There are many ways to find a job, though not all are advertised. Many jobs are listed online, but the majority are not. It's important to use a range of job search strategies to seek out the hidden opportunities.

The advertised (published) job market

Job advertisements can appear online and in print media. Check newspapers, publications, company websites, and professional association websites.

Positions advertised include casual, part-time work, vacation work, internship opportunities, graduate programs, full time graduate and professional work.

The hidden job market

Access the hidden job market by sourcing opportunities pro-actively. By building your network, approaching and speaking to employers, recruiters and others working within the industry. These approaches include:

Social media

Many social media platforms advertise jobs. It's also a good way to network and get yourself known. Find out how to build your personal brand and maximise your professional profile.

Get work experience

Many employers prefer to hire people with previous experience as this demonstrates what you can do. Find out the importance of work experience and how to get it.