Job hunting methods

To find a job, best to use all sorts of search strategies. Many positions appear in print newspapers, online publications and company and professional association websites. But most positions do not. You’ll need to look beyond advertised jobs to discover the hidden opportunities.

Browse job listings

Career Connect points you towards casual, part-time or vacation work, internships, and graduate roles – here and overseas.


Approach and talk to employers, recruiters and others working within the industry. A good network will help you find jobs through word-of-mouth and referrals.

Make cold calls

Pick up the phone and talk to employers directly. Start with people in your network, especially those working for a company of interest to you.

Use social media

Many platforms advertise jobs. And you can use social media to network and get yourself known. It’s a great way to build your personal brand and professional profile.

Get work experience

Employers often prefer to hire people with previous experience as this demonstrates what you can do. Find out how to get work experience, and the skills employers seek.

Attend a graduate recruitment workshop

Some companies offer structured, professional development programs to broaden your industry experience and advance you to the senior levels of the organisation. Find out more about these graduate positions by attending a workshop.