Work experience

You can get experience in part-time or casual jobs while you're studying, by volunteering, doing an internship, vacation work, or a for-credit placement as part of your degree. Getting experience helps you develop a range of skills that employers seek.

Benefits to your career

  • enhance your employability skills
  • get course-related experience
  • develop your professional network
  • show initiative and motivation to employers
  • fast-track to graduate jobs and general recruitment

Part-time and casual jobs

Many students in Australian universities have or want a part-time or casual job. This type of work experience is important when you apply for course-related internships and graduate jobs as it demonstrates a range of skills and competencies, which employers seek. It's also a great way to show you are independent and motivated to support the cost of your education.

Find part-time and casual work


Monash students can find positions advertised on Career Gateway for tutoring university and primary or secondary school students. Tutoring is a great way to develop communication and organisational skills and is also good experience if you want to work as an educator in the future.

Become a student tutor

Experiences for employability

Discover all the ways you can tap into rich experiences to develop the employability skills sought after by employers. These include:

  • course-related work experience
  • overseas opportunities
  • entrepreneurship development
  • mentoring, volunteering and more.

See the Future Work, Future Leaders website

Work-ready virtual experiences

Build real-world career skills through virtual experience programs with leading employers. Find a program to match your study interests. Or try something totally new.

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