How to write a cover letter

The cover letter will generally be your first contact with a prospective employer. It needs to be engaging and show that you are motivated and have the skills to do the job. After all, a well-crafted cover letter will help get you that all-important job interview. It also provides a good opportunity to demonstrate your written communication skills.

Learn how to create a strong first impression and articulate your strengths in a compelling cover letter.

Workshop topics

  • Cover letter purpose and fundamentals
  • How to format and structure a cover letter
  • Actions to improve your cover letter

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Online workshop

You can also complete the workshop online. Read through the online resource explaining what you need to know about the topic, then complete the quiz at the end. This will give you what you need to get you started on your cover letter.

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Your cover letter should:

  • briefly introduce yourself to the employer
  • state what you are applying for and why
  • highlight relevant skills, qualifications and experience and show how they relate to the selection criteria
  • provide real-life examples
  • use your own personal writing style to stand out above the competition.

Cover letter feedback

Now that you’ve learned how to write an effective cover letter, and have had some practice writing your own letter, you may want to get some feedback from our professional staff.

Simply log into Career Gateway and complete our one-minute quiz. You can then request feedback on your cover letter. You’ll also find more tips and resources.

Good luck with your application!