Aim of our sponsorship

Our sponsorship aims to:

  • support connection between students, employers and the University
  • maximise career outcomes for Monash students
  • promote student awareness of employment and career development opportunities, events, programs and services
  • increase ways of working together on career-related activities at Monash.

See the list of clubs and societies sponsored in 2020.


To be eligible for sponsorship, student groups should:

  1. have an interest in improving career outcomes for their members or a mutually beneficial reason for collaboration with Career Connect
  2. be proactive in connecting with Career Connect and committed to working with other student groups who are sponsored by Career Connect
  3. submit a brief submission (approximately 200 words) outlining:
    • the career focus for 2021
    • whether you plan to hold career-related events
    • the support you would like from Career Connect.

Apply for sponsorship

Applications for 2021 are now open. They close on 26 February 2021.

Email your application to us at careerconnect@monash.edu

Contact for enquiries

Call +61 3 9905 3151
Email careerconnect@monash.edu