The Volunteering at Monash website and portal has closed. This page is now your main resource for information and opportunities on volunteering.

Volunteering is a great way to prepare for your career and to make yourself more employable. As well as being a key part of the Monash University ethos, volunteering enables you to enhance your work skills and experience, develop personal and professional networks, and contribute to the community around you. Taking on a volunteer role also demonstrates your initiative, motivation and leadership potential to future employers.

Benefits to your career

Volunteering can be a valuable part of career planning by helping you to:

  • strengthen your skills for work
  • get work-related experience
  • develop your professional network and make new friends
  • show initiative and motivation to employers
  • prepare for leadership roles.

Volunteer opportunities

Student Associations and Unions

You can find out about the range of volunteer roles available at all Monash campuses by contacting the student associations and unions.

Peer Mentoring

Monash University have a range of mentoring initiatives for all faculties and disciplines, offering you additional volunteering opportunities to enhance your employability.

Find mentor programs

Student-led initiatives

To explore volunteering opportunities with student-run programs, visit the following locations:

To find out about other student-coordinated programs within your area of study, please contact your faculty.

For students seeking local or international volunteer opportunities outside of Monash University, there are many available through various organisations:

In Australia


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International student volunteers

For overseas students, volunteering is a good opportunity to practice language skills as well as learn about Australian working culture. Though you usually don't need permanent residency to volunteer, you may be subject to visa restrictions limiting the number of hours you can volunteer and work.

Volunteer rights and responsibilities

Volunteering is unpaid work, usually for a not-for-profit organisation. This work benefits both the volunteer and the community and is based on roles that are not replacing paid workers. Most volunteer positions:

  • require you to work less than 16 hours a week
  • are covered by insurance
  • don't involve high risk activity.

It's important to know what's required of you when undertaking volunteer work. For more information and resources, see Volunteering Victoria and Volunteering Australia.

Volunteer workshops and events

Career Connect conducts workshops, information sessions and events on how you can contribute to the community and develop work-related skills through volunteering. To browse and register for these events, go to Career Gateway.

Student Futures

The Student Futures online platform helps you to track and compile your student experience – including activities such as volunteering – during study.