Volunteering is unpaid work, usually for a not-for-profit organisation. This work benefits both the volunteer and the community and is based on roles that are not replacing paid workers.

Most volunteer positions are:

  • less than 16 hours a week
  • covered by insurance
  • not a high risk activity.

Benefits to your career

Volunteering can be a valuable part of career planning by helping you to:

  • strengthen your skills for work
  • get work-related experience
  • develop your professional network and make new friends
  • show initiative and motivation to employers
  • prepare for leadership roles.

International student volunteers

For international students, volunteering is a good opportunity to practise your English, and to learn about Australian workplace culture. As an international student:

  • you usually don't need permanent residency to be a volunteer
  • you may have visa restrictions limiting the number of hours you can volunteer and work.

Find volunteer positions

Search not-for-profit organisation websites and online volunteering job boards for opportunities. You can also contact organisations and community centres directly.

Monash opportunities

External organisations