Working in Australia

Whether you're a local or international student seeking employment, it's essential that you're aware of your rights, entitlements and obligations while engaged in work and that you comply with all Government taxation criteria as an employee.

For more information, see work while studying.

Before you apply for work

If you intend to work while in Australia, first you'll need to:

International students

Check that you can work in Australia with the Department of Home Affairs:

Check whether your existing qualifications and skills meet Australian standards:

Know your rights

Workers in Australia have the right to minimum standards set for working hours, safety, pay rates and more. It's important to understand your rights and responsibilities as a worker.

Get work experience

Many employers want to hire people with previous work experience, as this demonstrates a range of skills.

Learn more about how to find and get work experience.

Find work

Learn about different job hunting methods.

Job-search databases and sites

Journals and newspapers

Check the classified section of newspapers and journals:

  • The Age
  • Herald Sun
  • The Australian
  • Leader community newspapers.

Graduate programs

Some companies with graduate positions may advertise structured, professional development programs designed to broaden your industry experience and advance you to the senior levels of the organisation.

Attend a graduate recruitment workshop

To learn more about graduate programs, see:

Remote or rural employment