Become a student tutor

Becoming a student tutor at Monash is a great way to gain real-world job experience and help support yourself while you study.

To apply for a student tutoring job, you’ll need to be:

  • a current Monash student
  • sufficiently knowledgeable in the relevant subject areas
  • a good communicator
  • patient and flexible
  • confident that you can help others with their studies.

Log into and search Career Gateway for student tutoring jobs.

Hourly pay rates

The following minimum rates apply to employees who tutor students:

  Education level of student being tutored
Employment typePrimary school Secondary school Tertiary
Undergraduate $20.33 $20.33 $26.62
Graduate $25.41 $25.41 $50.54

These amounts represent minimum rates for employees 21 or older. Different rates may apply for employees under 21. For more information and examples, visit Fair Work.

Pay rates for tutoring more than one person at a time

The pay rates are:

  • if you tutor two people at the same time, one and a half times the hourly pay rate
  • if you tutor three or more people at the same time, twice the hourly pay rate.

Travel costs

Student tutors can charge 60 cents per kilometre for round trips over 20km.

Tutoring children under 18

To tutor children aged under 18, you’ll need a Working with Children Check.